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To provide energy efficient solutions for any type of commercial, industrial, or retail facility. We provide a free energy assessment followed by a comprehensive proposal for energy reduction alternatives for that facility. In addition, we identify and secure all eligible grants or rebates offered by the local utility and provide the customer with an roi and payback on every job.

Q & A Tower Energy

What does Tower Energy do?

We are an energy efficiency company whose primary purpose is to save you money on your utilities.
We evaluate your entire electrical, HVAC, refrigeration and water usage and find the most cost efficient ways of reducing your consumption and lower your energy bills.

What services does Tower Energy provide?

We are licensed electrical and mechanical contractors and we analyze your lighting, HVAC and refrigeration systems.

How can Tower Energy reduce my utility bills?

We first give you a free energy assessment of your entire facility.
Then we project your potential energy savings based on the latest energy efficient products to replace aging or less efficient equipment.

How long does it take to go through an energy assessment?

It depends on the size and configuration of your facility. If it’s a convenience store it may take 30 minutes. If it’s a large factory it could take 2-3 hours.

Do I have to pay for the energy assessment?

No, but if there is major travel time outside the state of Wisconsin or exceeds the range of Northern Illinois we may ask you to pay travel expenses.

Are there utility grants or rebates associated with my project?

In almost every case YES. We write all the grants for our customers and these grants can range from 10-50% of the entire cost of the project.

Do we have to provide paperwork to get the grants?

No, we handle all the paperwork and when the grants are approved we take them off the cost of the project. Tower Energy is responsible for collecting all grant monies.

How do we know the cost savings are real?

We have performed over 1200 projects to date and have saved over $12,000,000 for our customers.
We can give you references upon request and will provide you case studies for similar projects.

Can we use our local contractors to perform the work?

Yes, if you are happy with your current contractors we can work with them to get the job done.

Do you provide building controls and automation?

Yes, we have a controls and monitoring division that can automate your entire facility.

Do you provide an ROI and payback period for each project?

Yes, we have a controls and monitoring division that can automate your entire facility.

How does Tower Energy calculate energy savings?

Tower Energy relies on experience gained from 1200 projects along with software provided by the likes of Honeywell to calculate savings projections.