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D&D Industrial Coatings - Process Upgrade



All the heat from the power line furnace was flowing freely into the plant through the conveyor outlet. A system was designed to utilize an air curtain which kept 60% of the escaping heat from leaving the curing box. This also had the dual effect of pulling heat off the ceiling and de-stratifying the plant for winter heating. The furnace had a modulating burner which was able to adapt and lower gas usage immediately.

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There were individual spray booths with a combined 75 HP of exhaust that were running continuously regardless of whether the booth was operating. Tower Energy created a system where as when the operator was finished he hung his spray gun on a hook that was attached to a limit switch. The limit switch was connected to a VFD on the blower motor that would slow down the exhaust over a time delay sequence that was adjustable. During the off time the operator would switch parts and prep the new part for spraying. This reduced exhaust energy and heat losses during the winter by over 75%.


The wash line control was not automated and the temps would go from 105–135 F which was over the set point. This wasted heat, water and treatment. A new control was added to control the system properly. The exhaust was used to keep steam from existing but was set too high. Tower Energy added a VFD and lowered the exhaust speeds to balance.

Five Month Savings

$ 12,448

Note: Savings based on current cost of gas.

10 Yr projected savings

$ 369,617 +

Return on investment


After grants: Yearly - (18 months)

Five Month Savings

$ 7,211

Note on Electrical Savings: Project was starting and savings were accelerated during progress.

Combined 5 month savings

$ 19,659

Compressed air flow regulator


A flow regulator was added to the plant to lower plant pressure to 80 PSI from 125 PSI that was used before. The use of air is mostly blown off and sandblasting that only required 80 psi but the set point of 125 PSI was used due the storage losses when short term high volume air was used. Note: the storage tank is set to 115 PSI and the plant load is set to 80 PSI allowing the single compressor to store energy.

Custom Controls Added

Tower added automated damper controls to control compressor room to control room temps during the winter when off. This eliminated the use of kerosene heaters all winter to prevent freezing the compressors.

Wash Line Air Curtain Added

The existing hot water wash line had exhaust on both ends to keep the warm humid air from escaping into the plant. Tower Energy designed an air curtain to contain the warm air and mitigate warm air loses to the outside. This lowered both water heating requirements and water loses through evaporation and exhaust. Sine the exhaust had no MUA, interior heated air from the facility was also saved. This had a triple payback effect.

Compressed Air Efficiency

Engineered nozzles and air knives were added to blow off guns and conveyers to mitigate wasted air use. Sand blasting tips were also worn out and using 50% more air then needed. Replacement tips also reduced the amount of expensive sand being used and allowed for a more accurate blast targeting and noise reduction.