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MCFI Services: Monitor and Controls Study


This 60,000 sq.ft. facility was LEED certified with energy saving technology

Before starting the project the building had a modern energy management system in place with VFD's on the drive and supply motors along with VAV’s in all rooms. The drives however were only balancing static pressure in the ducts. The air was being over cooled for de-humidification and being reheated at the AHU.


To eliminated the costly reheat a heat pipe was added in front of and behind the evaporator coils to both pre-cool and pre-heat the air coming from the return and outside air intake. This technology transfers heat from the return side to the supply side via a change in state of the gas in the coil. This is done without pumps or motors and will save an equal amount of cooling energy since the additional cooling does not have to be done to overcome the differential. All together this saved 46 tons of cooling.


The entire VAV air flow settings were customized so that each area had it’s own flow that matched actual demand. Stock settings from the factory have no relevance to actual occupancy. VAV "tuning" involves monitoring and control to spot variances off set-point during seasonal changes. It can take 18 months to tune the system properly and maximize savings. This allowed the 80 hp of supply and return motors to modulate to 35-45hz and save between 50-80% of electrical energy to run the system.

Two Month added Savings with control

$ 4,375

Note: Savings based year over year.

Payback after grants

18 months

Projected Return on investment

6000% (5 days)

One year projected savings

$ 121,380


After 36 months of operation a dramatic rise in therm usage and electrical costs were noticed which required investigation. Although the summer temperatures where a lot higher than average, the spike in energy use was not expected and was higher prior to all the improvements. Real time monitoring was not available for these months and when it was regained we immediately realized the boiler valves were opening during unoccupied times and heating the entire building all summer. This happened after a BAS software upgrade and was not noticed. After the problem was corrected the savings made a 33% swing and were back on track.

Custom Controls

Tower Energy added VFD’s to all exhaust motors to balance flows and reduce energy on the blowers. Compressor exhaust systems were using additional 10 hp of exhaust that was not needed after compressor modifications and improvements.

Real Time Monitoring and Controls

Real time monitoring and controls spot problems in the BAS and plant operations based on energy usage not just performance. Usage spikes out of the norm indicate equipment or control malfunctions long before they would normally show up on the utility bill. Other issues concerning parts failure are also spotted in advance preventing costly maintenance.

Tower Energy Mechanical

Licensed mechanical contractors with 30+ years of experience. Licensed master electricians specializing on controls. Practical customized engineering experience to spot opportunities and estimate payback and costs.