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Lutheran Church of the Resurrection: Energy Reduction


This beautifully designed church had no functional building control system

The existing heating and cooling system were on pneumatics that had to be controlled manually in order to set back or adapt to actual usage. This left the building being over heated and over cooled. There was also no way to separate the large cooling system of the church from the lower halls that were not used at the same time. They had to cool the entire church to cool the meeting halls.

VAV’s added to Separate the two main zones

In order to separate the two zones, Tower Energy added VAV ( variable air volume ) ducting control that separated the church from the lower areas. Then a VFD ( variable frequency drive ) was added to the blower motor and set to maintain static pressure and modulate with the variable load. Two separated zones were set up with individual controls that set the temperatures and schedules, resulting in the downstairs being on while the church is off.

Pneumatics separated from heating and air handling cooling system

The heating system was controlled by pneumatics that were operational but lacking in controls. Tower Energy first checked all the thermostats and replaced or repaired the ones that needed repairing. Then a modern control set-back system was added to the boiler to turn on the compressor, dryer and boilers with associated pumps all at the same time based on a variable outside air set-point. Previously this system was running 24/7 all year with only the boiler turned off manually when it was warm enough. This improvement will save over 40% of their heating costs throughout the year.

Three Months Percentage Savings on Heating


Note: Savings based year over year after monitoring was lost.

Projected ROI on combined project

50% per year

Ten year projected savings

$ 139,593


Leaky valves were wasting compressed air and bypassing heat through the building circulation system into the return lines. This caused the boiler and compressor to keep operating when not needed. The other pneumatic controls that were not operating were not allowing the system to set-back at night. This alone could save 30% of the heating costs.

The main air handler filtration system was badly clogged preventing adequate return and supply off the condensers. This caused excessive load during operation as the four stage system could not get enough air to condition the space.

Real Time Monitoring and Controls

Real time monitoring and controls can spot problems in the BAS and plant operations based on energy usage not just performance. Usage spikes out of the norm indicate equipment or control malfunctions long before they would normally show up on the utility bill. Other issues concerning parts failure are also spotted in advance preventing costly emergency service.

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