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  • Sustainable Roofing

    Sustainable Roofing

    Tower Energy specializes in materials and services that are designed to convert your existing roof to a sustainable system. High grade polymers encapsulate and protect your roof from the sun and weather while providing a new waterproof membrane that is renewable. These materials vary and adapt to meet the demands of the existing environment.

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  • Refrigeration Optimization

    Refrigeration Optimization

    Any refrigeration system used from convenience stores to industrial processing are invariably poorly tuned and operate inefficiently. Most mechanical and HVAC contractors try to keep the system running without regard to performance or energy consumption. Tuning these systems to optimize performance will save energy and eliminate the need for a replacement system.

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  • Water Conservation

    Water Conservation

    Tower Energy will evaluate your water and sewer consumption to find ways to reduce usage. Antiquated systems can pay for themselves in months with today’s technology. With sewer and water charges going up annually, it pays to take a look at your consumption and mitigate waste of this valuable resource.

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  • Energy Management System

    Energy Management System

    Modern energy management systems can transform your aging system into a state of the art facility with full control, and visibility with remote access. Knowing what your mechanicals are doing in real time can cut consumption by up to 75%. Maintenance issues are identified sooner with e-mail alerts, which spot high amp draws and loads that may indicate problems.

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  • Electrical Services

    Electrical Services

    Tower Energy has a full service electrical division that specializes in controls to manage energy. We can also maintain the systems we install and repair problems as they come up. With over 60 years of experience, our staff is your best bet to get the job done right.

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  • High Efficiency Lighting

    High Efficiency Lighting

    Today’s lighting technology is changing rapidly, with versatile designs and excellent efficiency. Many lighting systems that are only two years old may be already obsolete. These aging systems are being replaced just as much for energy savings as reduced maintenance requirements. All areas of lighting are affected.

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  • Waste Heat Recovery

    Waste Heat Recovery

    Heat from a variety of sources can be turned into a valuable asset if practical. Many industrial processes waste thousands of therms on one operation and buy therms for another. Most every businesses have some sort of waste heat associated with their mechanicals that can be analyzed for potential savings.

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