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Tower Energy - Refrigeration Optimization

Tuning your existing system will save you money

Any refrigeration system used from convenience stores to industrial processing are invariably poorly tuned and operate inefficiently. Most mechanical and HVAC contractors try to keep the system running without regard to performance or energy consumption. Tuning these systems to optimize performance will save energy and eliminate the need for a replacement system.

Refrigeration Service and Optimizing

Tower Energy can evaluate maintenance issues and get to be real cause of problems. Constant freezing for example can be a symptom of a fan blade turning in the wrong rotation or improperly installed or coils being dirty or clogged. These type of problems can lead to doubling your energy use as the system tries to compensate. This service will prevent emergency calls and save you money.

Preventative maintenance is the answer

A preventative maintenance program keeps your units clean and running properly while eliminating most emergency calls. Your equipment lasts longer and costs substantially less to operate. The heat from your facility also benefits since comfort and refrigeration performance is maintained. Tower Energy has it’s own service techs that specialize in the control and optimization or your existing system from boilers to compressors.

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