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Tower Energy - Electrical Services

Our master electricians will master your controls

Tower Energy has a full service electrical division that specializes in controls to manage energy. We can also maintain the systems we install and repair problems as they come up. With over 60 years of experience, our staff is your best bet to get the job done right.

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VSDs (variable speed drives) can reduce motor costs 80%

VSDs or variable speed drives are programmed to modulate or react to demand, instead of running at one speed regardless of demand. These are commonly added to pumps and fans that run your ventilation systems. Controlling these devices require qualified electricians to install correctly. Tower Energy is an expert in both line and low voltage systems that are common to these installations.

Controlling your costs requires controlling your usage

Most of today’s energy management systems require highly skilled technicians and electricians to install and tune the system. Tower Energy employs it’s own trained professionals to accomplish this.


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