The existing roofing was deteriorating past its life expectancy. Restaurants have unusual requirements due to exhaust effluent running on the roof and substantial traffic from mechanical unit maintenance. They also have considerable difficult details with all the condensate from the RTU’s, exhaust and refrigeration systems on the roof. Access is also difficult.

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Roof is Restored Using a Renewable (Sustainable) Roof System by Adurel

After power washing and removing a few rotten areas, the roof was primed and encapsulated with a tough renewable polymer by Adurel. This system is renewed on a 15-year interval and is easily cleaned.

New Permanent Condensate Lines

During cooling season, it was typical that all the condensation was running on the roof and collecting dirt and algae that damaged the roof. A new system of condensation collection was added to the entire roof, and the water was diverted to the gutters or drains.

New Grease Collection Added

Grease from the exhaust systems was running on the roof and was left to degrade by itself. Grease, however, does not degrade or clean itself off easily, and it was always being replaced. Tower engineered new grease systems that are serviceable without allowing grease to get on the roof. A bi-yearly maintenance schedule was also implemented to keep the roof and condenser coils clean and free of accumulated debris.

Installation Saving Vs Non Sustainable Technology


Note: Projected Savings vs TPO replacement per manufacturer specs

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